Cup Official Rules and Policies

Cup Local Rules and Terms of the Competition (Hard Card)

LPGA Amateurs Code of Conduct

Pace of Play Policy

Posting Rounds with Unplayed or Unfinished Holes

Cup Registration Guidance Document





Sub Request Forms

Florida Qualifier

Pacific Qualifier

Western Qualifier

Southern Qualifier

Midwest Qualifier

Atlantic Qualifier

Central Qualifier

Northeast Qualifier

Great Lakes Qualifier


Four-Ball Pairings Forms

Florida Qualifier (due May 20, 2020)

Pacific Qualifier (due May 28, 2020)

Western Qualifier (due May 28, 2020)

Southern Qualifier (due June 3, 2020)

Midwest Qualifier (due June 3, 2020)

Atlantic Qualifier (due June 10, 2020)

Central Qualifier (due June 10, 2020)

Northeast Qualifier (due July 1, 2020)

Great Lakes Qualifier (due July 1, 2020)




Finals Four-Ball Pairings Form (due July 22, 2020)

Finals Sub Request